quarta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2012

Sami Joe (Cole)

Sami Joe - Tell me a lie

Tell me a lie say I look familiar though I know that you don't even know my name Tell me a lie say you just got into town Even though I've seen you here before just hangin' round Tell me a lie say you're not a married man Even though I saw you slip off your weddin' band Tell me a lie say you got no place to stay You'll be glad to drop me off cause it's on your way Tell me a lie when you take me home (Tell me a lie) I don't really wanna spend the night alone Tell me a lie don't worry about my sorrow you'll be long gone tomorrow Then you won't not to see me cry tell me a lie Tell me a lie tell me that you need me And I could tell me it's not real the way you want me to C'mon tell me a lie when you're lyin' close beside me And whisper when you hold me sweet words like I love you Mhm tell me a lie when the night is almost over Make it easy on us both when it's time for you to go Tell me a lie say you really like to stay Tell me please just one more time that you'll be back someday Tell me a lie when you take me home... Tell me a lie when you take me home...


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